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Case Study

Brand Awareness​​
Consistent Communications

A manufacturer of hardware for the print and mail industry
reaches out with custom content

Publishing content is hard – especially for small and medium size organizations with no dedicated marketing team and no budget for outside agencies.

With only a few dozen employees, everyone at a privately held firm that manufactures hardware and software for the document print and mail industry has full-time responsibilities. And none of them include content strategy, generation, or distribution. Key people in the organization have titles like product manager, sales manager, engineer, or president. It’s no surprise the company had little time to promote their products or educate the marketplace. They lacked the resources to do this consistently.

When we began working with this company, we immediately saw the value of their products. We knew of their reputation for excellent service and a willingness to adapt their solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Their trouble was they competed with some very large multi-national companies. These competitors were some of the most recognizable names in the document industry. Unless someone directly referred them, our client’s chance of contending for the business when a new customer was making a purchase decision was a big challenge.

This company needed a boost in brand awareness!

Leveraging the Email List
Fortunately, this manufacturer had been building a contact list. The names they had stockpiled had come from trade show attendees and outbound sales efforts.

This gave us a great place to start.
Our knowledge of the print and mail business made it easy to identify challenges, issues, and interests of their target market - print and mail service providers.

With our two decades of experience in the service provider business, suggesting topics to cover and writing articles in the language of the target audience was simple. All we needed to do was to create material the people at the service providers would find interesting, and then publish the content consistently.

Our aim was helping our client stay in the consciousness of their current and potential customers for long periods of time. The sales process could take years. Keeping people engaged so they would think of our client when it came time to buy equipment required them to publish material that had value. Sending out sales pitches every month would not do it.

We started with a program built around a monthly e-newsletter. This was a simple affair. The newsletter contains a main article covering a topic of interest to the intended audience, along with brief product mentions and links to product information pages found on the company website.

Customer Quote:
We had 2 unsolicited inquiries about our products
this week in direct response to our latest newsletter.
That’s never happened before!

Nobody would buy our client’s hardware from an advertisement or marketing piece. The company knew they had to get prospects to reach out to them when an event triggered their need for the machinery. The newsletter fills that purpose.

Newsletters are sometimes thought of as old school. With all the content available online, it may seem odd to go to the trouble of producing a custom newsletter.
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paid placement in trade publications. To access these valuable pieces of content, prospects had to visit a landing page and fill out a form subscribing them to the newsletter.

Much of the customer content we create for this client is re-purposed. The equipment manufacturer posts their newsletter content to LinkedIn every month. They also use items like customer case studies in up to five different ways. Our clients pay for the content once. We encourage them to deploy the material broadly, to get full value from their investments.

Consistent Publishing, Relevant Content
Without the help of PMC Content Services, this company could never create and distribute the informational content that helps keep them relevant in their competitive marketplace. By providing them with a content plan and the custom-created content we have established consistent connections between our client and the print/mail service providers they serve. The informational nature of our content keeps the prospects engaged over long periods of time. We strive to provide value in the content itself.

Newsletters, though, have advantages. Publishers can control the message, tweak the content to fit their particular audiences, and distribute the material on their preferred schedule. Our clients can track and segment newsletter subscribers as they open, click, or otherwise interact with the content.

Lead Magnets
Building an email list is an ongoing process. Subscribers move or unsubscribe continuously. Or they just stop reading. Companies that rely on email as a cornerstone of their content marketing plans must have a strategy for attracting new subscribers.

Some people think adding a “Join our mailing list” button on their website fulfills this requirement. They are wrong.  We are all deluged with emails and other messages. Few will volunteer to receive more email just because of a sign-up button.

PMC Content Services augmented our client’s e-newsletter program with other items designed to attract new subscribers from print ads, the web, and social media. We wrote customer case studies and eBooks. We also created an online calculator and wrote content for 
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