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You Don't Have TIME
Content turns leads into customers,
but hardly anyone has time to create
what they need.
I can fix that.
It takes mountains of content to attract leads and guide them through the sales funnel.
Can you create all the blog posts, white papers, and case studies that will bring prospects to your web site and turn them into customers?

I know you want to say yes to that question. But I'm pretty sure other important business matters will eventually derail your best intentions regarding content generation. I've seen this happen over and over.
The good news is I've spent my career creating, producing, and distributing all kinds of customer communications. I can help you figure out what topics you should cover and then create the material for you.

Hiring me will give you back the time you probably didn't have to invest in the first place. 

You will be able to see a return on your investment in content marketing - maybe for the first time ever.
I only work with companies if we can forsee a positive return on the efforts we put forth to raise awareness, develop leads, or create a reputation for thought leadership in your industry. 
If this sounds like your organization, we should talk!
Content marketing doesn't have to be hard
The secret to content marketing is creating a strategic plan that meets the needs of the organization and then faithfully executing the plan. Without a plan, it's insanely easy to abandon the effort before it starts generating benefits. You get discouraged because you're looking for immediate wins like increased sales when you've really no plan for getting prospects through the sales process.

That's why I work with my clients right up front to develop a content plan describing exactly what we're going to do, and when.  Every piece has a specific purpose and works as part of the overall strategy. 

Personal Attention 
Custom Content
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On Time Delivery
This technique has made a huge difference. Because of the personal attention my clients receive they are successful at following through and achieving their objectives.  I've worked with companies whose sales cycles are really long - years sometimes. They see prospects interacting with them at different levels of interest and realize they were never getting  to that point before. All their efforts were in attracting leads. Almost no thought was given to nurturing leads through stages of the sales funnel. Consistency and focus on the overall objectives is what I help my clients achieve.

Doing the same for your business is what interests me the most.

Watch this 2 minute video to see 
what makes us so different.


What's in a content plan?
Every plan is different. Here are elements most of my clients choose.

  1. Blog /Newsletter Articles
    Newsletters and blogs are awareness-builders. Providing informational content on a regular basis is a good way to achieve this brand awareness and expose your readers to additional content available on your website or other channels.
  2. Magazine Articles
    Articles in trade publications expose your company to an audience beyond your mailing list. Some publications print informational articles for free. We work within the parameters established by the chosen publications.
  3. eBooks
    eBooks can be top-funnel content or serve the needs of leads further advanced in the buying process, depending on the topic. They are excellent choices for establishing a reputation for thought leadership. Promoting eBooks on social networks is a great strategy.
  4. White Papers
    Whitepapers are often used as "gated" content. Interested parties must register and supply contact information to download, giving you an opportunity to identify leads and build your opt-in email list.
  5. Interactive Content
    Quizzes, surveys, and calculators are great ways to encourage interaction. We use them ourselves! Not only do they identify your most engaged leads, these items provide information about hot topics or unmet challenges for which your company has solutions.
  6. Case Studies
    Case Studies include phone interviews with your subject matter experts and with your client. These items are used by leads in the evaluation phase of the buying process. They want to see how your company solved a problem for an organization similar to their own. Publish at least one case study for each targeted vertical market.

Are you anxious to have your customers see you in a new light?​​
Need to change your status from "vendor" to "partner?

The nature of what you publish and how it connects with your audience has to change

We've helped companies like yours upgrade their image
See an example in the Case Studies section

About  Your Content Creator/Consultant 

Hello, I'm Mike Porter
from PMC Content Services

​I've been a featured columnist in Mailing Systems Technology Magazine since 2010 and have authored hundreds of articles published in print and online periodicals. Some of that work is published over my own name. As a ghost writer I've created many more pieces written for and published by my clients.

My 35 year career in the customer communications business includes just about every aspect of creating and distributing content. In 2008 I published "Take This Job and Stuff It! - A Practical Guide for Document Operations Managers". This book is still in use, helping educate document print/mail managers and their staff members.

Whether you sell materials to document centers or you're a print and mail service provider yourself, I cover wide areas of interest to your customers such as postal matters, operational productivity, multi-channel marketing, data-driven communications, new techniques and technology, and customer experience.

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Mike Porter
(503) 757-6557
If you have questions about the content generation and consulting services I can provide, please get in touch.

I answer all inquiries personally.
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How much does it cost?
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We work on a monthly price basis. Your monthly cost will be fixed depending on the elements included in your plan and the frequency of publication. Everyone is different.

Contact me I will quote you a price after learning about your specific needs. It's less expensive than you think.